How it began

Reborn International Outreach Foundation has devoted its efforts to empower and improve the lives of impoverished people through unique entrepreneurial ventures.

Founder, Jimmy Sherlock was inspired to give orphans an opportunity to use their artwork as a means to help themselves. By transferring the orphans' art onto products such as socks, scarves and t-shirts, orphans have an opportunity to not only build their self esteem, but break their chain of poverty. Jimmy states, My vision is that this concept will give orphans the unique opportunity to invest into their own futures."

The orphans' artwork has now given birth to Reborn Orphan Fashion™. Every orphan that participates in the project, regardless of whether or not their art was featured on a product, will receive a scholarship funded by royalties from the sale of the products. When the orphans reach the age of 18, they can apply their scholarship for a college education, learn a trade or start a business. Reborn, along with the Montessori Model United Nations (MMUN), will mentor and assist the orphans so they experience success in their entrepreneurial opportunities, thus breaking the chain of poverty for these impoverished children.

Jimmy Sherlock asked the Founder of Aspiring Artists®, Debra Stasiak, to be the Senior Art Teacher, Senior Product Designer, and Chief Operations Officer for the Reborn Orphan Fashion™ product lines. Debra Stasiak developed the International Curriculum for Children in Need™ specifically for this project which was launched with a pilot program in Kenya in June of 2014.

Jim then met with Montessori Model United Nations (MMUN) and asked the MMUN to promote Reborn Orphan Fashion to its 12,000 Montessori schools around the world using Reborn Orphan Fashion™ product lines as a fundraiser opportunity. This collaboration provides a way, as Jimmy states, "for children to help children in need as well as raising funds for their own causes."

Reborn will continue to promote other schools and organizations to use Reborn Orphan Fashion™ as a fundraiser.

Reborn has collaborated with other non-profit organizations that work with orphanages in Kenya, Malawi, Liberia, Mali, Ghana, Israel, Pakistan, Dominican Republic, Haiti and the USA with the hope of adding more countries and orphanages after the success of Reborn Orphan Fashion's initial launch.

Jim Sherlock prays that Reborn Orphan Fashion™ will also generate new "sponsorships" where 100% of the sponsor money will go directly to the child's school to pay for his/her school fees and school meals (which currently cost only $15 a month). Jimmy says, "Just think, for a cost of one sushi roll a month you can change a child's life!" If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for school tuition and school meals, please click the Become a Sponsor tab to be directed to the Reborn International Outreach website.

Thank you for supporting this effort to empower children's lives!